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The KLS Community Food Pantry, and by extension our clients, continue to benefit from the tremendous generosity of the people of our region. This generosity has allowed us to progress from an outdated view of a food pantry as an emergency source of low quality food and to advance our commitment to helping our neighbors to thrive. To that end, we are determined to provide client households with high-quality, healthy food beyond canned and boxed nonperishable items. This commitment is not without cost.

Monetary donations allow the greatest flexibility to quickly respond to specific needs. If you would like to donate, please click on the Donate Now link at the top of the page.


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The KLS Community Food Pantry is entirely volunteer managed and operated. We would not be able to function without the active engagement of many dozens of community-spirited volunteers to whom we are extremely grateful. Those volunteers accomplish all of the tasks needed to run an efficient and modern food pantry operation including managing the day-to-day operations, ordering food from various agencies and vendors, shopping for critical need items, stocking shelves, and working directly with our clients.

Do you or your organization want to organize a food drive? Would you like to volunteer your time at the pantry? Do you have professional skills that would be of use to the organization? Reach out to us and let us know.



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What We Need

Every food pantry experiences peaks and valleys in their supply of food and in the needs of their clients. The KLS Community Food Pantry is no exception. Additionally, the physical space available to us for food storage is finite. For those reasons we have to constantly restock our shelves, bulk storage area, refrigerators, and freezers.

The Food Pantry has certain standing needs for fresh, frozen, and nonperishable items. We strive to stock a range of fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meat, and dairy items necessary for a healthy diet.  Beyond that, we are in constant need of such items as boxed cereal, canned tuna and chicken, macaroni and cheese, pasta and pasta sauce.

In addition to our standing needs, the food pantry also has specific needs which change from time to time depending on a number of factors. Those factors include client visitation numbers, type and volume of available food from our partner farms and suppliers, school and summer vacations for our school-age children, etc.

To donate items that will have the most impact (i.e., critical needs) please check the list of current needs on our Current Needs page.